Snowboarding Lessons - Are They Really Worth the Money?

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Snowboarding lessons can be quite beneficial to a snowboarder simply starting out. And, learning a new sport is both challenging and rewarding. But what about the financial aspect of it? Sometimes this can hamper a new riders chances of developing their skills. If you are just beginning then you will have a several options; do you go for snowboarding lessons? If so do you go private or group? Or, on the other hand do you go the self educated strategy (like yours truly here)? Or, then again perhaps you are lucky enough to have a buddy who rides and will spend a day with you. No matter what you pick, read on to discover the pros and cons of each choice.

Snowboarding Lessons - Private or group lessons?

Snowboarding lessons are an integral part of learning out how to snowboard, regardless of the possibility that you just take a few, they will give you the start of good foundations to work with. Furthermore, you have numerous choices with it comes to picking lessons. You can do private lessons, group lessons, or even download video and audio snowboard tutorials on the web. It all depends how much you are willing to spend and what you are after.

If you can manage the cost of it and feel that you can learn snowboard basics quickly then may be private lessons are for you. Private snowboarding lessons nowadays, depending what mountain you go to, run from $200-$600 per day. So while that can be pretty steep, you get the advantage of one on one instruction and you get the complete attention of the instructor.

Group snowboarding lessons are an incredible approach to get some guideline while not paying an exorbitant price for it. You generally get put in a class of around 5-8 people and it will cost anywhere in the range of $60-$150 per day, again depending on what mountain you are riding. Group lessons are an awesome approach to meet people and if you feel like you may need 3 or 4 lessons then this is a more economical way to go.

Downloadable Lessons

Lastly there are the downloadable snowboarding lessons. Downloadable snowboarding lessons are an awesome alternative because you can study them at home, and after that take them on the slope with you. If you have an iPod you can watch the tutorial videos on your iPod or just tune in to the audio guidelines on any mp3 player. It is somewhat similar to having your own private instructor there with you. The only drawback to these is that there is no interaction with someone who might be able to help you in a different way. Having said that though, most downloadable snowboarding programs run for between $30-$75 and considering what comes with them that is a pretty great deal.

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