How To Clean Cloth Bags?

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Those who  love eco-friendly bags most of the time chooses Cloth bags. Cloth bags give comfort as well as is a good option when you love the nature. When you buy cloth bags in UAE, you might only be looking at the carrying comfort and look. The real problem pops up into the mind when it comes to cleaning the bag. Here are some things to be considered while cleaning your cloth bag.


  • Remove dust by using a stiff laundry brush.

  • Remove all items from the bag before washing. Check all the pockets and compartments. Most of the time canvas bags contain flat, vinyl-covered cardboard pieces at the bottom to give them the structure and support. When laundering the bag, try to remove them also.

  • Before putting the bag in the machine or washing it with detergent, test if it is colour fast. Colourfast products retain it colour after multiple washing and exposure to heat and sunlight. Test it by soaking it in water for 10 minutes. Use a white paper towel to squeeze the wet part of the bag. If the bag’s dye appears either in the water or the towel, you can understand that it is not colourfast.

  • Give special care to clean stains. Use stain remover and remove stains before washing.

  • Cloth bags in UAE usually contain special instruction tags on how to clean it. Follow the instructions carefully while washing and drying the bag.

  • It is advisable to hand wash the cloth bag than putting in a washing machine.

  • Do not dry a cloth bag inside the washing machine. Let it dry under mild sunlight.