Best time to shift to Digital Dentistry

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Undoubtedly, technology has changed the world and it has become something without which we cannot sustain.  From Wi-Fi toothbrush to fingerprint censored air conditioner, our everyday lives rest in a tech shell. In today’s changing dynamics, nobody is willing to wait and consumers want everything instantly, be it 2 min noodles or a health check-up report.   Digital devices  like rvg dental and pax-isc have hijacked almost each and every sector of the world leaving health sector not far behind. Technological improvements in the world of medicine have been welcomed by all. Now, talking precisely about dentistry, technology has impressively parked itself in its premise. From manual surgeries to laser treatment, dentistry has evolved according to the patient needs.   These new technologies like ez smart and intra oral sensors are designed to eliminate the conventional practice from the dentistry sector.  The advanced mechanisms in dentistry have allowed dentists to provide more efficient and accurate services to all their patients. The adoption of digital devices like ez sensor has minimized the errors; reduced the overall treatment time, and have accelerated the entire feedback process. Now, with the digital dentistry tools, dentists are able to examine more patients than earlier in the same practice hours.   As the early movers, millennial dentists are the ones who are changing the outlook of the entire profession. They are focusing more on making patients’ visit more comfortable through digital services. At the same time, there are some professionals who are still hesitant about using the new digital tools and believe that plantation of digital devices involves a huge investment. Therefore, if the advance technology is providing efficient results and smoothing the entire process, then one can expect a high return on investment if properly implemented.   There are various companies in the market which are providing decent deals like Vatech India, one of the fastest growing brands in the Indian digital dental space Changing the entire Indian digital market dynamics, Vatech India provides portable and easy to use products with superior image quality.   With the current digital uprising in the country, dentistry has become more flexible and mobile. Because of this paradigm shift, Indian dentists are now open to more innovative modes of treatment. According to various industry reports, growth rates around 20 to 30 percent are anticipated for the dental product market in the coming years. The Indian dental care services market is estimated to experience a double-digit growth rate, reaching up to US $2.2 billion (INR 147 bn.) by 2020.   According to the Indian Dental Association, India’s population of 1.2 billion had access to 1,80,000 dentists, including 35,000 specialists, in 2014. This number is projected to grow to 3,00,000 by 2018.   This is an exciting phase for the Indian oral health sector, as digital advancements are speedily taking place and offering more comfortable, liable, and accurate dental services. The technological progression in the dental field is developing at mightier speed and with very few limitations, this is the best time to shift to digital dentistry.  #GoDigital  #GoVatech